Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

The same and the different – translation as a trial of meaning Part II

In order to write new texts soon I translated some more short texts and here they are. So have fun in reading and please comment for critics or any other things you want to say...

The question is not if god exists but which ontological status he has. God exists. But is he just one of the mightiest motives of thinking and acting originated in the search for meaning in the world or is he something that also exists outside of human mind?

One of the reasons why most people don't turn towards the big problems to solve them, the global, the long range problems, the cosmic as well as the ethical beyond the conventional is the closeness of these big, global, noble, cosmic things to chaos. The greater something is or seems the more it withdraws our individual control and steals our illusion of security which is one of the most fundamental needings of our species. But instead of confronting us with this chaos in a constructive way, we rather prefer to frightfully fall back into mother's womb, the warming embracement of society to live happily ever after in the smallness of our illusions.

Contrary to the concervative's prophecy of doom the critical thinking as core element of real education which leads to deconstruction of assurances and the social created reality by showing its contructional character does not drives us to chaos but releases creative energy. This is an energy of evolvement and creation of a different, an other and maybe a better world containing more freedom. Critical thinking is the sworn enemy of every system of every structure and it has to be to overcome the conservative totalitarism of every socially built reality (Wirklichkeit). This is one of the most fundamental dialectics of the evolution of systems.

The one-sided and generalized assignment of guilt, in the end nothing more than a scapegoat strategy to transfer your own inferiority complex, helplessness, desperation and anger to ''the jews'', ''the muslem'', ''the left-side intellectuals'' or whatever construction you prefer, shows a dubble edged problematic as its core. This is on one side the striking lack of real education as ciritical, self and world reflecting thinking and on the other side the marginal attention to this lack of education. This unfolds from the general marginalisation of the humanities and social sciences which in the first place have the potential for this type of education but are always critical to the system. The helplessness of the politics just comes form this dilemma. The system needs this marginalisation of critical thinking to be able to exist but therefore is impotent to cure the grounds of these mind desease. What remains is either violently acting against it or the hope that this ends without doing anything. But the latter does not cure the desease, it just may reduces the destructive fire to a little flame of dissatisfaction, smoldering hatred and lacking of education which only needs a little gas again to rise again.

I believe in it, yes, i totally do. I decided to believe that it is out there, this reality. But this is all I can and nothing distinguishes me in this case form other believers. I am able to believe but nothing more. The reality and all our worlds we create out of this gloomy shine we believe can ''see'' are nothing more than doctrines. I am not able to ever experience reality as what she might ''really'' be. All I have are just the multiple realities we construct on ourselves...
(from: constructivistic relfections of a life)

Even the so called ''natural sciences'' are not able to represent reality on its own but tell us realities which they help to construct. Representing reality would mean to have the ability to experience it outside of perception because every perception no matter through which ''glasses'' you ''see'' or by which instruments is an act of interpreting the world as a world depending on pre-existing and previous realities already built and adopted. Because perception is always a part of representing or experiencing ''the'' world the natural science also only offer us constructed realities equipped with meaning build to narratives. Only if we also finally brake down the believe in the truth of the natural sciencesin general we have a chance to upvalue the social science and humanities which seem to be advanced in relfecting themselves. What comes out of this don't have to be uncertainty but a science who is able to think the possible outside her hitherto narratives. Also there is no chaos because of this but the possibility of creation in times we can not refer to ''naturalness'' for creating specific social realities and fight with swords in hands against everything different.

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