Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

The same and the different - art as another mode of speaking

So, here you find more translations as a processual trail of meaning as i already spoke about. This time I tried to translate some „other types of speaking“ of my work, „a different speakings“ as I name it.
I try to use these different modes of speaking and writing because I think the mode is very important for the meaning, for translating it, not only because it has the ability to change the mood, the emotions of the reader and therefore changes the reading itself and of course the understanding, the meaning which the reader feels to see in the text. There is no cognition without emotion and every perception is an interpretive act structured by cognition in form of socially and biographic learned patterns of perception and emotions accompanying it as well as being part of the decision which pattern the I will use.
I will add from time to time more from these more „artistic“ acts of speaking and even some of my paintings to this post, so if you like, visit the site and this post again...
And  as always I am very thankfull for every help with the translation and the right english terms to get nearer to the meaning I want to give...

The bath

Sunken back in the warm origin,
Being as one unsevered before it.
Escaping for only one moment to the calmness in front of the storm
Gliding in unthoughtful weightlessness.
Outrunning the death, the world, the self in everlasting moments.
Just one of these, not be nor pursuit.
Eons of living before the beginning.

Throwing back to the world, into the roar, the noise, the being.
The Self given back to the world, torn apart not just alone.
The weight drags you to megrim and pushes you to rise,
The prometheusian everlasting return of the whole.
Going back means dying, the life just a frightful shine.

But still refreshed and bravely conquering the weight,
Not coerciveness of being
but striving to a new a different one.
Less Prometheus than creator of a world,
destroying to give the life a newer a more tolerable shine.

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  1. It's very graphically - you bask, you fall, you are awoke to live and fight. Thank you :3