Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

The same and the different – translation as a trial of meaning Part I

The following texts will be mostly already written ones but translated in english. This means they also will be new in a way I think I have to talk about. Translating older processes of speaking as I like to call my texts doesn't mean there will be nothing new. It just means feel that I have to do this now and for now I feel too busy because of my phd and a dozen of pther projects i have to do. But lets start at the beginning.
The following translation is decicated to a friend from the ukraine who encouraged me to do this trial. This is exactly what it is: a trial, a process like language itself is. Because of this i am also thankfull for every help in vocabulary and grammar to concretise the meanings. Translation is always a process and in the end always a shifting of meaning too. The meaning of words change, they are never stillstanding nor carry they the same meaning for every person even if they seem to speak the same language. Beside other things this has much to do with what I call „Wirklichkeit“ in order to make a distinction to „Realität“ which could be both translated into „reality“ without exactly meaning the same. „Realität“ to make a simplified definition should mean reality as objectivity in a physical way to which we only get access through perception which should be understand as always a kind of interpretation too based on socialy shaped patterns of understanding etc. Keeping this in mind one could say that we construct (see: constructivism) our own distinct worlds, our own „realities“ in the meaning of „Wirklichkeit“ which we also shape, learn and teach in societies to get a truth who makes us able to act. This understanding of perception as interpretation will be an issue in severel of my „speech acts“ so let's end this for now.
Another problem in doing this translation would be the loss of the spontaneity in which most of my texts are written. But I don't want to think about this problem and the shifting of meaning as just magetive as just loss but as a chance to increase new things, different things in my writing-thinking. The way to see this now and the change which leads to it is the real credit of the persons mentioned at the beginning and the reasons why I am so thankfull.
But for now let's start with some short texts just because there translation might not take too much time...

Short texts Part I

Being a looser doesn't mean to have failed it is not an objective truth beyond socialy built realities. Being a looser means to be made as such by society in order to build a necessity of the system a necessary counterpart within the dialectic of the ruling system. In contrast to this you can confront the world with another reading of the term looser not that of a failed person but that of an unfitting person within the hegemonic reality which allows him only a place she absolutely needs but cannot appreciate without destroying itself. We should instead read „looser“ not as important but unvalued unavoidability of the ruling system but as possibility of Otherness, Difference to which the term hidden but inherently refers. In this reinterpretation of terms as concepts to index the world lies power. The shame of the looser confirms the system but his pride is able to destory it.

The thinkable constructed by the hegemonic reality is build to destroy possibilities as imaginations by categorising it as unthinkable and by negating its articulation and discussion. This is the first totalitarism.

That "animals" "are" food, "black people" "are" too stupid to study and "women" "are" only good for fucking, cooking, cleaning is only "true" insofar our acting and thinking makes it some kind of "true". Our acting and thinking creates these "truths" and keeps them alive. It constructs this apparent objective and natural "truth" which is nothing more than a socially shaped construction. But not fear of arbitrariness should be the answer for the constructedness of the world but the hope of a better possibility. Our acting constructs the world there is non without it but which world, which reality we construct remains open....


  1. Liiiike the texts, they're short but are putting one in thinking mode easily, so - Yup, you really should translate some more! Or it ll be evil in relation to non-speakers in German)))

  2. thank you very much...:) i will continue time there i will translate some "other forms of speaking"...